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The key to a successful patient transfer be it from bedside-to-bedside or from the scene of an accident is to have the best possible communication process and training between us and the 911 Centers, Health Systems, and crews in the field that we serve on a daily basis. At MedComm we incorporate this philosophy into everything we do, from our daily operations to the personal and team standards our communications personnel hold themselves to.

Our team’s goal is to facilitate patient transport for you in an efficient, rapid, and—most importantly—safe manner. To enhance the services and decrease the response times of our clients we ofer a team of experienced professionals who are on hand 24-hours a day. More importantly, many of these highly trained people come with a background as public safety communicators, firefighters, EMS, and hospital professionals that bring together decades of patient care experience. Their professional attitude and desire to assist you and your customers is second to none. Within moments our team can identify your closest available asset to your service request and dispatch them before we’ve completed the intake process with the caller.

Customer Service Oriented

We are proud to offer our valued customers a full service commitment to assist with your patient transport needs. We operate with a “One Call Does It All” approach. No matter what, we will assist your customers in finding transportation for their patient, whether it is providing resource options from within MedComm or by making alternate arrangements with programs of your choosing. We value and are proud of our close working relationships with E911 Law, Fire and EMS Dispatch Centers, and hospital transfer centers across our nine state service area.

The Difference is Experience

Our Communications Specialists are vetted to have numerous years of prior experience in public safety dispatch, critical care flight and ground dispatch, and healthcare. Upon hire they must complete an extensive three month training program and are required to successfully obtain the Certified Flight Communicator (CFC) certification provided by the International Association of Medical Transport Communications Specialists (IAMTCS).

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