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The Best in Technology

A communicator tracks flight plans on a map to ensure aircraft safety.

MedComm is a state-of-the-art Communications Center which incorporates the latest technology to assist our communicators in providing the most efficient overall service while strongly focusing on safety.

MedComm is equipped with the latest in Radio Over Internet Protocol (ROIP) technology. We utilize a combination of sophisticated routers, 800 Mhz Motorola/Ericsson radios, and VHF/UHF modules which provide us with multi-state communications capability. Service requests are entered and tracked utilizing computer aided dispatching software called Flight Vector. Flight Vector is MedComm’s CAD of choice; we work closely with Flight Vector’s development team to keep our CAD up to date with the latest features. Flight Vector also gives us the ability to interface directly with 13 third-party providers of GPS/Automatic Vehicle Locating systems. AVL systems allow us to consistently track all assets dispatched in our communications center, assist in ensuring their safety, and provide live ETAs to requesting agencies.

Flight Vector provides this communicator a detailed overview of all assets.

Our telephone switch provides us with a dedicated 15-line communication system supplemented by cellular and satellite phone services as well as alphanumeric text paging. For Quality Assurance and immediate recall all of our verbal communications via two-way radio or telephone are recorded. Live geocoding services provided through Flight Vector are supplemented by extensive offline mapping software. Additionally MedComm staff has access to multiple sources of weather radar, weather reporting stations, and traffic data. All systems are supported by uninterruptible power supplies and the Center is equipped with a back-up generator for emergency power during extended power outages.

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